Business Internet

The Facts

Internet, Phone, & TV service provider customers who are dissatisfied33%
Americans have tried to negotiate a better deal for internet service70%
Americans who only have 1 option for their internet service provider30%
Customers have felt frustrated after talking with customer service75%

Don't become a statistic

Our specialized agents are experts at dealing with service providers. Let us use our expertise to work for you. Our goal is to find the service that is the best fit for your business, at the best price. We will:

  1. Place service orders for your business
  2. Find you the best deals and promotions
  3. Negotiate for you when you question a bill
  4. Call the service provider on your behalf when there are problems or outages

Why deal with this on your own when we can do it for? The best part, our service is FREE for services that we help you to order. How can we afford to do this? It's simple. We operate like an insurance agency, getting paid by the service providers for signing you up as a customer. With direct connections to compare and order services from over 80 business service suppliers in the USA you can be sure that we will find a great solution for you. 

For New Businesses

Every new business comes with lots of initial paperwork. Then you need to order the services that you will need to open your doors, which requires research and filling out more paperwork. Let us help.

As an independent service provider solution agency, we listen to your business needs and match you up with the best and most cost effective solutions. 

Starting a new business is a handful already. Let us help to make the process easier.

Our Knowledge

Telecommunications Industry
Information Technology Solutions
Service Expenses & Budgeting

Why waste your time dealing with the service providers, when we can do it for you?

For Operating Businesses

We save your business money by optimizing your monthly service payments. Through analysis of your current bills and interviews about the needs of your business we can recommend better solutions. This often also reduces monthly service payments by changing service providers or cutting excess services.

We challenge you to send us your bills. We bet that we can save you money or provide you with better service for the same price. Then, we will follow through with providing you with FREE representation to your new service provider after you sign up.

About us

Ari Milner

Ari is the Founder and Manager of PlanIT. He also co-founded MacPCX, an IT Support & Training company in Portland, OR. Ari has worked as network administrator, remote support technician, and project manager as well as a web designer, developer, marketer, and graphic designer. In addition, Ari understands business, having started 2 companies, held executive board positions, and worked as an independent contractor. Ari also offers online promotion and web services at

Ari brings this experience to help his clients save money by optimizing their monthly service provider bills. As a service provider agent he analyzes the bills and needs of his clients, and recommends better solutions to enable the capabilities that they need. This often also reduces monthly service payments by changing service providers or cutting excess services.

Service Broker
Solutions Researcher
Client Representative

Matt Peckinpah

Matt has over 17 years in the telecom industry.  He started working for a regional Business Telephone System dealer Called Conception Communications / ABA Networks selling NEC Business Telephone Systems.  He then worked for U.S. West / Qwest (now Century Link) selling both Business Telephone Systems and Telecom services.  And before venturing out on his own in 2009 he worked at Integra Telecom for eight years selling service and Business Telecom Equipment.

Matt is the secondary agent at the PlanIT Agency. His experience and knowledge of the industry is a valuable resource to our clients.

Accept the Challenge

The challenge is simple. We bet that we can save your business money or provide you with better service. We challenge you to fill out the form below to get the process started. From there we will need to see what services you are getting and how much you are currently paying for them. The easiest way to do that is if you send us a copy of your bills. Then, just wait 1-2 weeks while we research the best solution for your business. This challenge has NO COST and could save you thousands! Give us a shot.